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Recurve (Olympic or Take Down Bow)


Target archery bow.

The recurve bow, as we know it, traces its ancestry to the Mediterranean region – Turkey in particular. The Turks were among the first to put a double bend in their bows, although this design could also be found in ancient Japan and other Asiatic countries. The recurve design is a stroke of genius for the age of its conception – some thousands of years BC. The “recurve” is simply refers to the shape and the way the limbs are constructed.

Building the limbs pre-curved at rest (hence, “pre-stressed”), the energy is gained rather than lost when drawn. This enables a bow to be compact, but with very great power. Recurve bows typically give greater arrow speed than longbows of equal strength.

A modern Recurve bow provides the shooter with more easily attainable accuracy and is therefore a good choice for both beginners and experienced archers’.

Other equipment can be added to the bow to help improve shooting accuracy, such as sights, stabilisers and clickers.