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    Beginners Courses FAQ's


  • ♦ What does it cost ?
    £45 for a traing course of 4 x 2 hour sessions.  

  •  ♦ Will I be able to join the Club after the course ?
    I hope so - we are experiencing a lot of interest in Archery (Robin Hood films or the Olympics ?).  There are limits on how many archers can shoot at our field.  Though not everyone turns up all the time we need to keep the Club to a manageable size.  If, after the course, there was a waiting list we would put you on it or help you find places in other local clubs.

  •  What about the archery equipment ?
    We provide everything you need on the course.

  •  What about dress ?
    You must wear closed toe shoes - no sandals, flip flops etc.  Wear something reasonably tight on top to avoid the bow string catching.  Long hair may need to be tied back.

  •  What if it rains ?
    We will be there whatever the weather.  Shooting will carry on whatever the weather - but if you don’t want to shoot in the rain that's OK.  We only stop for lightning.

  •  What time on a Saturday
    We start shooting at 2pm and stop at 4pm - but if you get there half an hour early you will be able to get your kit out and be ready to shoot.  Please be at least half an hour early on your first day to allow us time to sort out your bow etc.

  •  I have an old bow in the attic - can I use it ?
    Bring it along  - we will check it for you and advise on how to make it safe to shoot but club equipment is normally used on the Beginners Course because of insurance cover requirements.

  •  I've shot before - do I need to do the course ?
    We need to be confident that you know all the safety rules and can shoot without supervision before you can join the Club.  If you progress fast you can join the Club early.

  •  Do I get a Certificate ?
    Yes - as long as we are satisfied you can shoot safely and without undue supervision we give you a certificate.  This should be accepted by any archery club as evidence you are safe to shoot.